Sustain what sustains you.

Sustain the open source ecosystem your company depends on. BackYourStack analyzes your open source software dependencies to find which projects you rely on, and then provides a way for you to easily support them all.

We’re open source together

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What is
Back Your Stack?

Back Your Stack works by analyzing your project manifests and finding all of your dependencies. We then empower you to curate a subscription plan and see the impact of your contribution.

Try it now!

Use a GitHub profile

Just copy and paste the URL of the repository that you want to scan and set a contribution.

e.g.:  facebook, airbnb, algolia

Or try analyzing non-public repositories by uploading dependency files here.

Upload dependency files

If you want to analyze private or local repositories simply upload dependency files. At the moment, we support package.json, composer.json, *.csproj, packages.config, Gopkg.lock, Gemfile.lock and requirements.txt.

Simply drag and drop files
or click to select files to upload.

There was an error while uploading your files. At the moment, we support composer.json, *.csproj, packages.config, Gopkg.lock, Gemfile.lock and requirements.txt. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact us.

The uploaded files will not be shared with anyone and will be deleted when your session expire.

Invest in open source. It's good business

Your stack is only as strong as the communities building the software you depend on. By giving back, you ensure a better future for your own code, and make the open source environment better for everyone.

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A transparent commitment to open source matters to your team and customers. By lifting up coders and what they do, you show what your company cares about.

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Strategic commitment to open source strengthens your company culture, allowing you to retain great coders and attract new ones.. And, it helps you get work done

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Risk Management

Engaging with the ecosystems that are critical to product success allows you to help set roadmaps for development, reduce liability, and know about flaws before they affect your business.

Our values

We believe that open source technologies are a shared infrastructure. It is our responsibility to bridge businesses with the open source communities they depend on. Our work carries the following values:


With integrity and transparency, we are building a world where open source can thrive.

Good Citizenship

We believe corporations propel the promise of open source. We build bridges of collaboration and mutual benefit.


Open source is bigger than a single person. We embrace the strength that grows from working together.


We believe investing in open source should not be difficult. We remove friction to grow with simplicity.

Building open source together.

We are on a mission to shape the best tools and dialogue about the business of open source sustainability. Our members range from for-profit technology companies to non-profits’ voices. Come join us.

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