Our goal with BackYourStack is to make it easier for companies to identify the open source projects that they depend on that also need funding.

While we started with just node modules (as defined in package.json files) and with open source projects that are on Open Collective, we know that the open source community is much larger than that. That's why we would love to support more languages and platforms but for that, we need you!

Take a look at our public repository, create or pick up issues and help us make open source more sustainable for everyone! 🙌

We also have a Slack community channel, part of the Open Collective slack. Come join us!

Contributing ideas

If you want to help and are not sure where to start, we have some ideas!

Supporting more dependency managers

BackYourStack is currently detecting and supporting npm (JavaScript), nuget (C#), composer (PHP), dep (Go) and Gem (Ruby) packages. For sure, we are aware Javascript, PHP, C#, Go and Ruby are not the only programming languages in the world and we would love to support more platforms like Java, Erlang and Python.

We need your help and input! There are already issues existing for:

  • [Python]( Implemented!
  • [NuGet / C#]( Implemented!
  • [Ruby]( Implemented!
  • Erlang / Elixir
  • [Go]( Implemented!
  • Clojure (Leiningen, deps.edn)

Supporting more funding platforms

BackYourStack was initiated by people at Open Collective but doesn't intend to be limited to projects registered on the Open Collective platform. If you know any other platforms or projects currently receiving funding for Open Source projects and have an idea on how to integrate it, please contribute!